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Boston Auction

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#1 Roger W.

Roger W.


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Posted 26 April 2011 - 03:16 AM

Tonight a Boston hump filler auction closed on EBay. Boston’s are uncommon to begin with so with an hump filler Boston we are talking a subset that makes up only 6% of Boston’s extant. A year ago I would have comfortably told you how much this pen would bring but, recently the price of unusual Boston’s is all but predictable. What specifically was this Boston?

There are two digit codes for Boston’s that describe only two things – filling system and size nib/pen 2-6, generally. The hump filler is almost completely the only exception with an added “s” sometimes. This “s” bit is advanced stuff as you’d never guess it means, essentially, a stepped down nib or nib/feed and applies almost exclusively to hump fillers. It leads me to believe there was a flow problem for this type of filler for its size therefore, a 53s is a 5-humpfiller 3-sized nib/pen with a 2 sized nib. So that was what was being sold a BCHR 53s.

Posted Image

Boston BCHR 53s

So this pen should have brought $250 clean but, this pen wasn’t clean – it had the wrong section and nib. OK, given that, $175 would seem a top price. Well, it has a different kind of add-a-clip though, I don’t know anyone that collects those. The nib is a - Standard 14K 2 – which to anyone remotely familiar is not a –Boston Safety Pen 2 - . So I was wrong! This brought a stupendous $565!!! I shake my head as a proper section would be practically impossible to find - still, brought three times what I would have estimated. I own five hump fillers including the earlier side slide model so I do have a good grasp on these - I thought...

Posted Image
Boston RMHR 53s with roller clip - from my collection

Posted Image
Closeup of the filling system - the slider slides up and the bar depends on the sac to push it back in place after the sac fills.

Here is the auction link - My link

Roger W.

#2 Hugh



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Posted 26 April 2011 - 03:39 AM

Hi Roger,

Well this fellow does know how to present his pens, taking the "from my personal collection" with a significant doubt factor ( the polite way to say bull %^&# ). Few people would have your degree of expertise with these to know or even remotely guess what is correct...I certainly wouldn't....but then if I was going to shell out $500 odd I'd do some homework first!! There does seem to be some very out of the ordinary prices of late, and for relatively common pens...having seen both a black and a grey snork Crests going for $250+ on ebay...

Hugh Cordingley

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