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In Topic: Fifth Annual Commonwealth Pen Show - Sunday, September 16th, 2018

25 August 2018 - 01:09 AM

A pre-show video from Nathan Tardiff ...


In Topic: One Week Away - Sunday, September 10th - 2017 Commonwealth Pen Show

04 September 2017 - 02:27 PM

Show Ink from Noodler’s

Nathan Tardif and Noodler’s Ink will have a special show ink - Boston Brahmin Washable Blue. A small bottle will be offered to each show attendee (while supplies last).

Pre-Show Workshops at Brickbottom Artists Building - Saturday, September 9th

From Pier Gustafson:


In conjunction with the Commonwealth Pen Show,  two workshops will be presented on Saturday, September 9 from noon to 3 at the Brickbottom Artists Building in Somerville.

One workshop will focus on calligraphic script writing the other on drawing with pen and ink.

Both will show you the joy of using pens with a flexible nib allowing variation in the thickness of the line through the application of pressure.


Learn the beautiful calligraphic style of copperplate script! Copperplate calligraphy, also known as roundhand, engrosser’s, and engraver’s script is considered by most to be the “mother of all pointed pen hands”. It still stands as one of the most recognizable and high-demand design elements in pointed pen calligraphic works. In this course we will go over a concise version of its history and learn to use dip pens in order to form the basic strokes of its construction. This course is geared towards beginners but those with more experience may attend it as a refresher course (plus it’s always nice to have experienced attendees help beginners). The fee will cover the cost of holders, nibs, handouts, and paper (though attendees are welcome to bring their own supplies, too).

Nikola began his study of calligraphy only 3 years ago when rehabilitating his right hand after an unfortunate accident. Since that time he’s become a full-time calligrapher, teacher and archivist of the written word. He’s also an inspiration to all, including Pier Gustafson who will be offering the workshop on drawing.


Drawing a landscape, figure or still life with pen and ink need not be intimidating! Don’t fret about not being able to erase. Dive right in. Using a pen with a flexible point adds a dramatic and lyrical quality to the line which is missing in a technical pen, felt tip or ballpoint.

In this workshop you’ll lean how to draw contours with a single expressive line and rendering tinalities through hatching and cross-hatching.

Pier has been drawing with pen and ink all his life (60 years) and continues to favor that medium in his illustration and graphic design work. He has been repairing and selling fountain pens to artists, calligraphers and writers for the last 30 years matching the right tool to the right (or left) hand.

Each workshop is limited to 15 people and will cost 25 dollars.

For more details email Piergustafsonstudio@gmail.com

COMMONWEALTH PEN SHOW will happen the next day. At the show you’ll find thousands of pens (vintage and modern) that will be for sale.