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Pelikan 400 and 400NN Black barrel and green inkwindow

22 May 2015 - 11:45 AM

Recently I was able to acquire 2 interesting Pelikans. One was a mix of parts , ie, Pelikan 400NN cap and Pelikan barrel and 400  turning knob.



Original picture from auction


Both barrel don't have any Pelikan  Gunther Wagner engravings and both barrels use the Vintage press fit Barrel/turning knob connector, so they are both vintage and from the 50´s. there is no chance of being from a late M400.


As I consider that is more probable to have had the cap swapped rather than the piston turning knob, I used a Pelikan 400 cap I had laying around here and finished a Pelikan 400 with green inkwindow, but I´m not sure if that pen ever existed.


Does anyone here knows if that pen was ever produced by Pelikan or is this a case where someone swapped the rear knob? I believe is more probable to have the cap swaped....


Pictures here: