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How to put a value on pens I want to sell?

10 February 2017 - 05:37 PM

Hi folks.  I haven't been active here lately (looking at my profile, I haven't really be active at all...), but thought the fpnuts might be the most reasonable and knowledgeable crew to help me out.  I realized that I have too many fountain pens and I never really turned into a collector.  I have pens that ought to be in someone else's hands who might appreciate them more.  I have a few Sheaffers, Esterbrooks and a Conklin on the vintage side and some other cheaper modern pens.  How in the heck to I go about figuring out reasonable values?  I would like to make a little money to help pay off debts, but don't expect to get rich, or even recover the costs I have in some of the pens.   




Here are the Sheaffers I have: