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In Topic: What to look for in a Parker 51?

18 July 2011 - 11:06 AM

Hi David!

No worries. Yes, I did go through your listing of 51s and the assortment of colors and caps is astounding. (Can you tell I'm even more confused now? Posted Image)

Is there a difference in barrel diameter between the Vacs and the Aerometrics? Are there weight differences as well between Mks 1 to 3?


In Topic: Greetings from Manila!

28 June 2011 - 07:38 PM

Welcome to the board. Please tell us what FP's you use or collect. You know, pics are always welcome ;)

Well, my clutch is modest. I tend to stick to C/C and piston fillers. Nib preference is medium or broad. Am not particular about gold or steel. I also have not picked up a fondness for flex...yet. I am told it will come in time.

Daily writers would be a Parker 45 Flighter, a Parker 75 Lacque Noir, and a Lamy 2000.

I also have a pre-79 Grain de Orge Parker 75 and a Rotring Initial which proved to be a delight, especially with it's $9 price tag. A Pelikan 205 Demonstrator is currently absent as it is being repaired under warranty. I found a Sheaffer Targa a couple of weeks ago, but decided to turn it into a Father's Day gift. It was a mirror chrome, stainless nibbed Classic model.

I have a couple of 75s on the way, and I'd like to add one or two more 45s to my battery. Maybe a Harlequin and another Flighter or a black barreled model with a stainless cap. I like the 45s for work since no one really gives them a second look.

A Flighter 75 and a Cisele Premiere is on my wish list too.

Eventually, I'd like to try a Sheaffer Sentinel with a Triumph gold nib. Am on the fence with the Touchdown and Snorkel systems simply because no one in my country repairs and restores these pens. We have to send them to the US for this work.

In Topic: Greetings from Manila!

28 June 2011 - 09:12 AM

Hi David!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

It was a friend from Manila that got me and another new member here. We'll be sure to spread the word to our local pen group. I am certain several of them are already onboard.