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Absolute Roseglow. Sheaffer Balance Eye Candy

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#1 david i

david i


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Posted 25 April 2011 - 11:50 AM

I'm happy to have a wide ranging pen collection. I collect Parker Vacumatic in completist fashion (the never ending project) and collect various other series with variable intensity. While my second most collected pen is Sheaffer's Balance (1929-1941), I am not trying to grab every last variant. Certainly Balance gives Parker's Vac a run for the money on range of pens available. But, there are niches within Balance that constitute focused mini collections for me. I try to grab any pen with off catalogue cap-band (save for trying to get all the "jeweler's" band pens, which are too prevalent). It seems though I try to grab each variant I find in one color, Roseglow. Thus... a mini collection.

Roseglow is considered by many to be the overall most scarce color Balance. It is the only striated color not to use black for the color base, using instead a silver-pearl. Certainly some of the models were catalogued for shorter period than were other striated colors. And, the scarcity of the oversized model perhaps makes sense in context of the "Big Man's Pen" not being highly sought in a pink-purple hue in 1936 ;)

During the last 12 years I've kept variants in Roseglow as they've crossed my desk. Catalogued models, off-catalogue but well known "jeweler's cap-band" pens, Canadian pens that deviate from our USA-catalogue driven expectations. My mini-collection of Roseglow is being pursued in completist fashion (at least for now), with the caveat that I'm not insisting on both lever fill and plunger fill forms of each pen.

Having recently pulled an OS pen for a collector interested in a purchase, I decided it was time to shoot the Roseglow tray.

Shown below is my Sheaffer Balance Roseglow collection, two views via quick-n-dirty photo without the fancy light box.

Posted Image

I suppose we could play with this pic, offer challenge to name all the named/catalogued models, to identify which models are off-catalogue and why, and to find the Canadian pens in the bunch, based on their special traits. The pens pretty much are placed left to right by girth: slender, then standard, then oversized. Pencils to match pens are placed next to them. Trim generally goes from low line to high line. The only out of place pencil might be slot 21, as the trim mostly matches the pen in slot 20, but "might" be appropriate for a thinner shorter version (and possibly for lower line version too).

Posted Image

I've not visited the halls of Reppert, Horne and other serious Sheafferers, but suspect this mini collection ranks as one of the most complete Rosie collections out there. Of course... I could be wrong.

Rosglow images and comments certainly are invited.

Edit: Actually, I did have chance to see some of Daniel's Sheaffer collection, but don't recall if peeked at the entire bunch


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#2 Pedro



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Posted 01 May 2011 - 10:45 PM

You have a wonderful collection, its enviable.
Perhaps you can send some my way, my Rose Glow OS seems so lonely.....
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Looking for a Sheaffer OS Balance with a Stub nib and other OS Oddities.

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