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Posted 04 July 2010 - 02:57 AM

Greetings: In preparing for its debut, The Fountain Pen Board has been fortunate to recruit on short notice an initial cadre of well-known and internet-friendly Advisors, hobbyists who possess extensive experience and expertise in many aspects of pen collecting and/or of restoration/repair. Each alone has more than ten years in pendom, some more than forty years, dating to well before the establishment of pendom as a widely recognized collectables hobby, back when it was "just" the quirky pursuit of disconnected individuals. Some run websites for sales, education and/or restoration. Others have authored pendom-focused books and articles, even founded pen shows. The Advisors will lurk on FPB, dropping in on discussions in which their knowledge can lend clarity-- or at least insight. No one has all the answers, and the opinions of Advisors obviously are not meant to be final views, but their seasoned opinions should serve to stir the pot in constructive fashion, even when they end up arguing at length with each other ;)

Featured below are the first Advisors-- thirteen all told-- who agreed to play and who managed to join and to provide some information pre deadline. There are two or three more who might join in short order. Updates will be posted. FPB still is recruiting, looking for individuals with strong skill set in major collecting arenas not yet covered, who have an at least reasonable degree of sanity, who are willing to contribute, and who have at least a minimum of comfort and familiarity posting information online. FBP is happy to present the initial Advisors to the general membership.

This note might end up posted in all fora, initially, but comments best are placed in the copy in GREETINGS + LATEST NEWS, as only that copy will be left in place long term. And now, in alphabetical order, meet the Advisors (and give the large image a moment to load)...

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