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Welcome to the English/British/UK Pen Forum: Jan 2, 2014

03 January 2014 - 05:26 AM



For some time there have been backchannel requests to split English pens from the general European Forum.  Within that forum  English pens, Pelikans and Montblancs do dominate.  In general, I've wanted to  keep the main forum page simple, as free of clutter as possible.  


Still, with a recent uptick in FPB activity, this seems a good time to test a  forum specifically for English pens:  Conway-Stewart, Onoto, Mabie Todd (English branch), Burnham, etc.


I hope the benefit  this focused forum provides overcomes  the additional clutter to the main forum page. Do let me know your take.


Those who follow this UK Pen Forum as well as the main European Pen Forum, please do peruse both fora and let me know if any threads are found in the wrong spot.  Some of the thread titles might have given me poor guidance when I moved threads to this new Forum.


Now, we've built it.  Let's see if anyone plays.


best regards


-Ye Olde Admin