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In Topic: Fabulous color Parker Moderne

27 May 2013 - 02:41 AM

I have recently collected a few of these pens and would like to share them with you. From what I understand they are as follows: from left to right,
1. Pearl and Black vein Parker Duofold Snr made in Canada (missing the pocket clip, discoloured barrel and cap).

2. Pearl and Black vein Parker Duofold Jnr made in the USA.

3. Pearl and green vein Parker Duofold Juniorette made in Canada.

4. Unmarked pen of identical size and dimensions to the Pearl and Black vein Parker Duofold Jnr but it has an English Warranted 14ct Gold nib.

Could someone please tell me which is a "Moderne" and which is not. I just love the coulours. I have removed all sac's so that they do not suffer any further discolouration as some were supplied fitted with latex sac's.

Your comments on my little Parker collection would be appreciated.