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In Topic: What happened to FPnuts.com

07 August 2019 - 04:27 PM

With the ascension of my facebook group and with  serious backchannel issues here (spambot applications), this site drifted. We might be doing an attempted Phoenixing of it this Summer. In meantime, do join the monster group at Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/groups/fpnuts


That is a pity! This FPBoard was the prime place to come to for interesting and in-depth discussions while I am not able to find the clue in the endless stream of messages on the Facebook group.


23 July 2019 - 03:59 PM


Keeping in mind that I am but a Hack Amateur Newbie Sheaffer collector, I do have a fair number of the critters in my collection, and I have tossed out the occasional article about the Balance (Stylus Annual 2012 on general collecting of Balance and Spring 2012 PENnant about Canadian Balance quirks). I have handle on general eras but often draw blank on specific key dates in the Balance universe. I'm a bit better with Parker's Vacumatic. Figuring it would serve me and others well to create an easy reference for Sheaffer Balance collecting, a timeline, I'd like to take stab at that here, and invite input from one and all. We can add final appearances into the text. Let's try for details (month, date, etc) where possible.

I will post a list of events and a list of resources. As contributors help clarify dates, the core list in the original post will be updated, such that we won't have to reprint the list multiple times as this thread (I hope) evolves. Comments will be preserved and credits maintained via those comments. I have a number of dates on hand though will not put all I believe I know into the first presentation. Please peruse the list. Add to dates (and provide sources for your beliefs, whether hearsay or a specific advert). After the initial two lists (events then paper sources), I likely will add in a yearly timeline which puts the events into a straight annual context. I've tried to make the events list reflect general evolution of the series, but if it turns out the order is wrong (say, a certain clip appears before a certain color), the list can be rearranged.



First Appearance of Two Tone Lifetime Nib Mentioned in end of 1931/start of 1932 (as per Mac's reference Dec 29 '31 vs Jan 2 1932 copyright citation )


Was just checking some older Sheaffer advertisments from The Saturday Evening Post and found that the first ad showing the two-tone nib appeared in TSEP issue October 10, 1931.

In Topic: Parker Jack Knife Pneumatic? Whaaaaat?

09 November 2018 - 05:35 PM

Not to necro this thread, but I recently turned up another example of this pen in the wild. They're still out there.


Great find!


Nice to see your pen together with the other one in this thread: I notice that the blind cap of your pen seems a bit longer (normal length of a Duofold blind cap) than the one that George and David show.

In Topic: Vacuum Filler...

14 August 2018 - 07:33 PM

You may have found an early and sought after Ripley Vacumatic: