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In Topic: Ralph Prather's Custom Parker 51's. Photo

20 April 2016 - 06:38 PM

Ralph has done some remarkable "51" customizations over the years. Glad he could join the new board. I just noticed he placed image of some of those 51's in FPB's Gallery (anyone can create album or add pics to pre-defined albums) and store the images here. But, these 51's certainly are worth a wider look, for those not yet familiar with Gallery.




David I recently noticed Prathers work.. These are awesome custom replica's.. my question is are they worth the heavy prices? For me some of the pricing would get a collector of Parker 51's the real authentic 51 double jewel? Just wondering if they are worth and original? I think they are beautiful and worth price but I would like to know what pro's think about this? Thank you Jeff

In Topic: PARKER AEROMETRIC - Question on the Midnight Blue

10 January 2016 - 06:07 PM

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In Topic: Parker vac-fill 51 Bombshell: Uncatalogued color (a new one!)

25 November 2015 - 11:59 AM

Maybe not the best picture, but this kind of shows the variation between one Cordovan and the next. In person not one of these has an identical color to the next.



I also have another Vacumatic "no imprint" the color cannot be called Cordon or Burgundy ? I will post pictures in a few moments to get some other thoughts on these two strange vacumatic colors I have..

In Topic: Parker vac-fill 51 Bombshell: Uncatalogued color (a new one!)

24 November 2015 - 03:31 PM

Top one might be Brick and the other one is unknown. Plum or Cedar Blue. Maybe something else.





Thank you for sharing.. My Parker 51 in the same grey has a strong imprint I will post a pic when I get a chance.

In Topic: Parker vac-fill 51 Bombshell: Uncatalogued color (a new one!)

24 November 2015 - 03:17 PM


I know John Danza (FPB Advisor with focus on very early Parker pens) was just dying to see some threads on Parker's "51". wink.gif

Parker "51" is amongst the most collected old pens out there. You likely know that the early (1941-1948) pens with Vacumatic filling system are "known" in 7 colors:

Common colors:

  • India Black
  • Dove Gray
  • Cordovan
  • Cedar Blue
Uncommon colors:
  • Buckskin Beige
  • Yellowstone Yellow (Mustard)
  • Nassau Green.
Of course, that does not explain this really uncommon pen, a single jewel vac-fill "51" done in the later Aerometric color Navy Gray, a more "elephant" greenish-gray than the more desaturated Dove Gray of the vac era. This one lasted about ten minutes when I'd posted it in the "Parker 51 Insanity" update December 2008. As with all I've seen so far like this, this pen lacks an imprint by the clutch ring. Speculation suggests Parker ran a few pens around the cusp of the filler change to Aerometric in this "new" cp;pr, but with old filler style, making these 1948 pens. One text calls Navy Gray vac-filler pens "prototype" but that is somewhat ambiguous, to say the least.



Would anyone care that I've now seen my first vac-fil "51" in another Aerometric color... Burgundy?






David I have a vacumatic in the same color but the barrel is stamped  "Made in England"?