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New from Northeast PA

25 November 2011 - 07:14 AM

Hello All:
I am another newbie recruited to join from the Columbus meeting. Just started using fountain pens about 4 years ago and I guess I finally broke down and decided I'm transitioning from a user to building a small collection about a year ago. The outpouring of friendly advise and fellowship in Ohio convinced me I should get out more and meet some of the great folks involved in this hobby. My only prior shows were DC '09 and a half day in Boston '10. So my primary exposure to the good people of pendom was the handful of retailers I had met via a show and/or internet. Columbus was my first chance to take a few days and enjoy the more comprehensive pen culture. One great aspect of the show was connecting a face to some folk who were mainly know via internet or Email.
So far my primary pen interests are Pelikan, Oversized Balance, Omas, Wahl, and Oversized Vacumatic. There are so many fantastic pens out there - its tough for me to limit myself too much -- so occasionally I will pick up other brands or even "no-names" that have a great nib or interesting celluloid.
I will likely be more of a sponge on the board - observing and soaking up the wealth of information dripping off the pages. I may warm up to some other posts once I get a sense of how this Board works. Being a lousy typer is a serious handicap - at least if I take the time to ask a question you will know I'm seriously interested.
Thanks in advance to all the pros out there {especially David} who selflessly make this service available to the pen community.
Looking forward to learning and meeting some of you as I grow into this hobby!
Sam C.