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In Topic: Fountain Pen Ink Manufacture Advice???

24 August 2016 - 06:37 PM

Hi all,


Just an update from other boards...

I've been going through all my responses everywhere I've posted my "fountain ink manufacture advice thread" & had a long think about some of the responses. And even though I've dreamt as far as producing, I have a name in mind & in my excitement I may have jumped the gun & even designed the logo & bottle sticker, seeing as they're spin offs from my actual day job (not an expert, but I can get around such things ok-ish). Even though I would really like to see this happen, my thinking has evolved slightly since posting...

Someone mentioned that producing ink in South Africa may be a good thing as SA doesn't have any ink producers...but, as I've mentioned in previous threads, its a dying hobby in this part of the world. Asia, Europe & USA have FP movements me & the handful of SA FP enthusiasts can only dream of. What I'd give to attend any of your conferences/expos with a few nib meisters & test inks, etc. I do hope the demand grows this side of the pond, but from the responses alone, the SA online crew doesn't even know I exist. My reasoning for reducing my prices below other international producers was to enter their markets with a great ink & not have my international customers have to pay more due to customs & shipping, etc. I now think that this may hurt my growth some & to make this happen beyond just a hobby, I may need to price myself into a category that allows me to grow & the only way I can do that is offer my product to a SA market. My main fear is that we are at the stage of FP development I mentioned earlier.

Can someone please tell me how to check google search words in SA for "fountain pen ink" to see what kind of interest we have? (I may be using the wrong terms, I know IT guys get very hyped up when people use the wrong wording :) ) This would be the tipping point swaying my decision. I can always offer bulk discounts so international customers or FP groups can get them at a great price.

If, just if this idea doesn't see fruition, I will still send out some samples of my final ink to the ink reviewers & some other interested parties (as far as my pocket allows). Don't stress as yet, this is a  last resort.

Thank you for all the responses thus far.