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Fountain Pen Ink Manufacture Advice???

22 August 2016 - 07:12 PM

Hi my fellow FP buddies…

I’ve been a member of the FP community for some years.
Check out my profiles at FPG - link & FPN - link  - well...I’ve been an FP freak a while before I found an online FP community. (I've posted identical threads on both boards as well to broaden my audience - hoping for quite a bit of responses)
Lately I’ve been on the quiet side, browsed a few threads occasionally, but been mostly off the grid for some time now.

Apart from the usual family life responsibilities, I’ve been busy experimenting with producing my own ink. I’ve contemplated manufacturing my own ink, but have been a little hesitant as I know there have been a few ink companies that have closed down in recent years. So...I’d like to know from you wonderful guys & gals, if you’d like to see a new ink company? I trust you to give me some honest feedback.

A little bit more about my plan of action (dependent on the feedback I receive)...

I haven’t perfected my recipe yet, although things look very promising – colours can be done in a rainbow of choice, nothing is impossible to achieve. I still have a few things to tweak. Initially, I’d like to start with 20-30 colours & grow from there to over a 100 different colours. As my colour range grows, to follow would be permanent inks, maybe a line of sparkly inks (maybe not), then possibly something unique, who knows... :).

I’m not sure when exactly this would happen, seeing as the ink is still in final experimental phase & a 1-2 years into the madness already. When I’m 100% happy, I’ll need to first get samples out to as many interested people willing to review my ink. Thereafter, if ‘God Willing’ I finally bring my ink to market, I’d initially be shipping orders once a week (as I think giving up my day job isn’t a good idea right now). Thereafter I’ll move on to next day shipping & then possibly same day shipping on weekday orders placed before 12pm (GMT  +2)

I intend to sell direct to you wonderful guys & gals through my own website & cut out the middle man (it’s a scary thought thinking of the huge task at hand, but I guess everyone needs to start somewhere). I’d like to keep prices lower than the competition even taking into account international customs. This way, on the plus side my South African FP buddies will be getting them super low priced. Then all you guys & gals will have extra bucks to buy some more awesome fountain pens :).

Let me see how the feedback goes & then hopefully make my decision based on that.

Fellow FP freak ;)

Hey there from Cape Town, South Africa...

22 August 2016 - 07:17 AM

Hi there FPB guys & gals...


Just wanted to say hi.


I've been around the other communities FPN & FPG for some time now & have been an FP nut for a while before that. My collection isn't as fancy as most collectors. I have a few parker vectors & an eversharp symphony, the plastic version with a semi flex fine. My favourite pen & the one I use most is my Parker 45 flighter with medium nib - it's just devine on nice paper :)


I'm more of an ink nut I find & I've been dabbling in ink making for about 2years & needed opinions of the broader community...but more of that later, I'll post in the correct forum.


Awesome board & great to be here!